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Where? When? How much? Which book?

That's easy, wherever you like.
We could have lessons by me in the VII district (have a look in the contacts page), or by you. If you like we can meet in the great public library near Kalvin tér (Szabo Érvin) in the university where you study. And why not ina a cafč, that's very Hungarian! My favourite is "Caffč da Carlo" near Nyugati (Bp. VI, Jokai utca 23), real Italian coffee, the kindness of Carlo and a quite place to have lesson..

I am free in the afternoon, and on Wensday and Thursday mornings as well.

How much?
I ask 2500 forints per hour (60 min.)If you would get more lessons per week, or you are planning to study Italian for 1 month or more, it would be cheaper..

Which book?
If you already get your own books, it would be fine.
I usually teach from the followings:
Beginners and intermediate:
"Progetto italiano I e II" (T. Marin e S. Magnelli)
upper - intermediate:
"Grammatica Italiana" (M. Dardano e P. Trifone)
Business Italian:
"L'italiano in azienda" (G. Pelizza e M. Mezzadri)
"L'italiano per gli affari" (N. Cherubini)

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